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Have a look at the yutongo innovation and ideation principles.


Great ideas can be developed by systematically splitting down of ideation topics and by the systematic creation and collection of idea fragments within sub-aspects and by re-arranging them.


Great ideas can be developed by involving topic outsiders and insiders and representatives of the client. The broader the mix of people involved in the creative process, the better the ideas.


Great ideas can be developed by physically and/or virtually bringing together thinkers and creatives. Collaboration can have many different forms and doesn't always involve people interacting with each other at the same time, at the same table.


Great ideas can be developed when the goal and the criteria of the ideation project are known. Focussing on certain aspect of an overall topic will stimulate the ideation process.


The more ideas, the better. Because there are intelligent and practical tools that help you to isolate the best ideas.


Finding great ideas is not the privilege of certain, gifted people. Everybody has good ideas and is able to create good ideas. Often the most unlikely person will come up with a great idea.


There are no secrets or myths behind idea creation. Generating ideas is as easy as baking bread rolls. It is simple work, not science.


Generating ideas is fun. Playing stimulates the ideation process. If you play more, you can find more and better ideas. No fun, no ideas.


Ideas do not need management, they need creation. We think, managing ideas is for managers.

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