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  • 1000 active Idea Challenge at the same time
  • 2000 MB online storage
  • -1 participants
  • Unlimited Ideas and unlimited Idea fragments
  • Private communities and privacy management of Idea Challenges
  • Individual company page with custom url (company.yutongo.com), company name, with customized banner and logo and info description
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This is what you get with yutongo.


Your own company page

yutongo offers you a full blown hub for your idea crowdsourcing and web based innovation activities. You get your own subpage with the subdomain of your choice for as low as 49$/month.

A great internal ideation app

Did you know? yutongo works great to use along with your employees. You can protect your idea projects and invite as many creative minds from your staff as you want.

Include creative thinkers worldwide

yutongo contains a network of Thousands of creative thinkers worldwide. You can invite them to your projects, accept their applications and pay them directly even for small minute-long participations through the web app.

Use awesome creativity tools

yutongo is not just a set of online forms where people drop their ideas. yutongo native creativity methodology is a whole new approach to web based creati vity embbeded in our web application.

Take multiple view angles in creative tasks

With yutongo you can easily break down your complexe creative task in many simple to answer and creativity tickling sub-questions. Thanks to this approach you can invite anybody to your Idea Challenges and they don't even need to have special creative skills.

Multiple processes, drag & drop

Create as many single processes as you like within one Idea Challenge. Give your process a name, create your process step and allocate one of your sub-questions and a creativity tool of your choice and drag & drop them to change the order as you go. You can even address your processes to different groups of innovators. Working with processes is an easy and powerful way to manage your Idea Challenge in the most comfortable and easy way.

Add stimulating pictures

Bring the power of visual creative stimulators into your ideation process. Stimulating pictures can be used to trigger ideas from participants and to bring surprising view angles into the ideation process. It's a simple and logic way to boost creativity with a proven and efficient approach.

Manage compensation easily

With yutongo you can easily define the monetary compensation for innovators participating in your Idea Challenges. Define the wage, time per participation, the amount of innovators you are willing to pay or simply click the 'no compensation' option if no payment is planned. As simple as that.

Browse your content, fill your idea pipeline

Browse and manage the creative content collected and developed in an Idea Challenge easily with full text search, sorting features and exporting options to xls or pdf. After finishing up a creative process you can pick the best idea options based on logic parameters and go fill your innnovation pipeline.