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Are you tired of frustrating idea contests and of participating and contributing ideas without winning the prize? This is where yutongo jumps in. Because of its revolutionary ideation process, all contents collected merge to one collective creative brain and each innovator gets a fair share with a fixed pay through PayPal.

Participating is simple, inspiring and challenging. Everybody can join!

You don't have to be a creative genius to take part in an Idea Challenge. It's so simple, just signup, select an Idea Challenge you find interesting and get paid through PayPal by the solution seeker who setup the project. Please be advised that yutongo itself does not pay any wages.

Start your own Idea Challenges for as low as free!

As an innovator, you can also start your own Idea Challenges and invite your friends, colleagues or employees completely for free or subscribe to one of our low priced and attractive subscription plans.

«With yutongo, our goal is to drastically improve the way ideas are generated on the web.»

Sandro Morghen, CEO & Co-founder of yutongo

«yutongo's web based application for idea crowdsourcing bases on a revolutionary approach.»

STI – Foundation for technological Innovation

«The yutongo idea process delivers a variety of interesting inspirations and ideas in a short time.»

Mathias Strazza, Head of Product Development, Cendres+Métaux Ltd.