Unlike any other web based innovation and ideation tool, yutongo enables you to approach innovation tasks from mulitple view points and gets down to the bottom of your creative problem.  Watch our video!

Five magical steps to structured creativity

Step 1: Create simple questions

With support of the application, you can break down your creative task into smaller, easy to answer sub-questions

Step 2: Assemble your innovator team

Spread the yutongo Idea Challenge on your channels (intranet, social media etc.). Handling applications and define your participating team.

Step 3a: Innovators collect ideas

The participating innovators run through the different sub-questions and answer them in a fun and engaging way. The results from this step are what we like to call «Idea Fragments».

Step 3b: Innovators create idea combinations

Based on the creative material/idea fragments  collected in the previous step, innovators will create idea combinations based on the original briefing.

Step 4: Idea Rating

The most promising ideas (defined by you/the project owner) from the idea collection process will be rated against several rating criteria (1 – 5 star rating) by a selected team. During this process step, idea raters are also asked to comment ideas.

Step 5: Export and edit ideas

At the end of the process, project owners have several export options of the content collected at their disposal (pdf, .csv/Excel). The report includes all ideas with idea title, description, average ratings and comments. Now, your ideas can be made ready for further processing within your regular innovation management proceedings.

Try out yutongo now. Don't worry, it's free.

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