Do you want to use the full creative potential of a web based ideation software but need to operate it within your corporate IT environment? We have the right products for you: Introducing yutongo Corporate.

High frequency ideation

Did you know? Science has proven that it takes up to 3000 idea fragments to produce one market hit. yutongo is built in a way that it provides you exactly with this kind of ideation performance.

Backed by research

Several basic principles on the methodology incorporated in our application are backed by numerous studies in the field of creativity research, psychology and sociology.

Host it in your network

Keep your valuable innovation initiatives and corporate ideas private and run yutongo within your corporate network.

Creativity first

Only the yutongo application puts a true focus on idea generation and creativity when it comes to corporate innovation management.

Easy and fun

See how your staff will love yutongo and how the enthusiasm for internal ideation processes will shape the future of your company.

Still want training?

Do you need methodological training to get the most out of the yutongo application? We provide the training you need in order to sky rocket your ideation output. 

Explore how yutongo works

yutongo Basic Plans

yutongo Basic plans start from 0$/month and go up to 99$/month. All Basic plans come with a standard company page (yourcompany.yutongo.com) under the yutongo domain. Our application is hosted with Amazon Web Services. No individual functions or corporate branding is included. You can start public or secret Idea Challenges, but within the yutongo web service environment.

Learn more about yutongo Basic plans right here

yutongo Corporate Solutions

Our yutongo options for Corporate Solutions come with several additional possibilities to get the most out of your yutongo experience. Most important: You may host the app wherever you want and you may run the application securely within your private network and can invite your own community (staff, customers and other stakeholders) to your projects.

Which Corporate Solutions package meets your needs?

Corporate Basic

USD 9500.00 (yearly)

Basic license
Hosting in your network
Unlimited users
Unlimited updates
No custom functions
No training
No branding

Corporate Premium

USD 18500.00 (yearly)

Basic license
Hosting in your network
Unlimited users
Unlimited updates
Custom modifications possible (billed)
Incl. training 2 days
Custom branding & colours

Corporate Lifetime

USD (Let's talk)

Lifetime license
Hosting in your network
Unlimited users
Unlimited updates
Custom modifications included
Incl. training 5 days
Custom branding & colours

Are you interested? Contact us!

Sandro Morghen, CEO & Co-Founder

Sandro is highly experienced for over 10 years in the field of systematic innovation and ideation. Has managed and conducted over 800 ideation projects for over 300 clients in over 20 different industries. Has shaped and perfectionized the yutongo ideation process. And still is.

Write Sandro an email

Walid Ahmed, CTO & Co-Founder

Walid Ahmed is a lover of collaborative ideation and originally a neuro biologist. He is also passioned about neuronal creativity, Ideavolution and Web 2.x with Ruby on Rails.

Write Walid an email

Or give it a go for free.

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